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Jamie loves writing about DIY projects, decorating on a budget, craft ideas, and creative ways to reuse and upcycle products. I recently purchased 10 pounds of vintage buttons. The seller said they were old, but I didn’t realize just how old they were. There were many yellow and brown toned buttons that I am pretty sure used to be white. There were buttons ripped off of old clothes, and the small ripped pieces of fabric definitely looked to be from decades past. There were a few that had cracked apart. It looked like they somehow disintegrated and they had broken off in these weird clumps. There were some that were glass, cloth-covered, metal and lots and lots of them made from plastic. Needless to say, I have been on a mission to identify and learn about the materials these buttons are made of, and I’ve learned lots of great stuff!

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Many button manufacturers of course made non-military uniform buttons, generally called “fashion” buttons. Antique military buttons will typically have an eagle, anchor, or state seal design. Fashion buttons can have many motifs ranging from floral, scroll, or even patriotic designs that might be confused with military buttons.

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Old buttons can be found by the thousands in old jars, cigar boxes and Christmas cookie tins at estate sales and garage sales. Sorting these huge quantities of buttons and then identifying them can be daunting because of their sheer numbers. But there are sure fire methods for identifying buttons. If you are planning on analyzing lots of old buttons, a comprehensive antique price guide for buttons is a good guide.

Button Date: Culture: French Medium: ivory, rhinestones, metal Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: From the Hanna S. Large ButtonsVintage.

Old buttons can be found by the thousands in old jars, cigar boxes and Christmas biscuit tins at estate sales and garage sales. Sorting these huge quantities of buttons and then identifying them can be daunting, because of the sheer numbers. But there are sure fire methods for identifying buttons. If you are planning on analysing lots of old buttons, a comprehensive antique price guide for buttons is a good guide. Separate and group your buttons by material, design, size and colouring.

Use the magnifying glass to inspect details and look for maker’s marks. Take out the price guide and begin comparing your buttons with those in the book. Look for horn and bone buttons. These are some of the oldest materials used for buttons.

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Vintage Buttons. Dating back to the 18th Century The Button Queen is home to the most impressive array of Buttons, antique to modern, cheap to precious.

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Identifying glass buttons

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Grandma’s buttons may be dusty and smelly but washing them is not always an option, if anything polish them with a non abrasive cloth. Black glass.

The original use for the jeans was for miners during the Gold Rush—opportunists at the very bottom of the working class, venturing to California with very limited means, fighting the wilderness, each other, and deadly diseases eager to get a piece of the pie. Image via LongJohn. A century of truckers and blousons, however, has made for a multitude of models that many devote their lives to cataloging. Much of their original archives were destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake in and subsequent fire.

One has to rely heavily on the knowledge of collectors and enthusiasts, communicating through cyberspace and sharing on various forums and blogs, their finds and findings. Sometimes incorrect, poorly written, badly translated or based on counterfeit products, these pieces of information are hard to trust, but that same uncertainty is what keeps the treasure hunt going, and what has kept it going for centuries now.

First off, start by determining the design of your jacket.

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So, I did. Sharon and Emma were as sweet as can be about the whole thing, but when we got to it I was expecting a pre-game talk about the basics of vintage buttons. There was no talk.

I recently purchased 10 pounds of vintage buttons. Could this button type date to the period when the Apaches occupied this area, or does.

The stock was then bought up by the Mamiboutons Company, Noortje Bergmans: she kept a shop in the Gard department in France, and she also was present on markets and online through an e-shop open until recently. She sold her stock to us in and the buttons are now available at materiotek-mercerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. All these buttons were manufactured in France.

Except for some they were produced in small series, which is no more the case today. Either because the materials are no longer available for example the composition of plastics changed or was abandoned , or because the techniques of manufacture changed. Buttons with buttonholes first appeared during the 12th century. They replaced “fasteners”, a kind of hook. At that time, buttons were rich decorations made from silver, gold and beads, and they were worn by rich people.

In some cases the name of the manufacturer or of the supplier is known because the buttons were still in their original boxes:. Mother-of-pearl is a resilient, white, iridescent material, derived from a large number of sea shells, more particularly mollusc species. The thin superimposed transparent platelets produce a brightly-coloured sheen. In these areas intensive fishing had been partially responsible for the disappearance of the shell banks prior to the s.

Because of laws enacted to protect endangered animal species and thanks to high international standards, traditional fishing is controlled, even prohibited and the shell species are currently grown in shell farms. The decline in the use of nacre starts at the beginning of the 20th century, because of the progressive disappearance of market opportunities due to increasing competition and more particularly because of the emergence of plastic materials.

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If you change your logo or look, you have to find all those old buttons out there and The one on the right, with the banner, was guaranteed to go out of date​.

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